About Us

About us

Schwartz and Company is an accounting and financial planning firm proudly serving clients throughout the metro New York and tri-state area since 2004. Our team of CPAs and staff accountants handles every aspect of tax planning and preparation, and provides our clients with the insights they need to maximize profits and structure their business finances for growth.

Unlike accountants who just prepare taxes, we focus on presenting a true bottom-line picture to our clients and helping them develop strategies for achieving financial success. With clients that generate between $2 million and $50 million in annual revenues, we guide a wide range of organizations through the complex tax and regulatory landscape, and serve as a trusted liaison with financial institutions and tax auditors.

Our accountants work with clients’ in-house bookkeeping staff to establish and enhance systems for accounting, reporting, and inventory tracking. With the systems we put in place, our clients are able to see the real profits their business is generating, manage expenses, and plan for growth.

At Schwartz and Company, we believe that working with an accounting firm shouldn’t simply be an addition to your tax burden. It should be a tool that helps you build your business. That’s why we’re dedicated to delivering the full value of every dollar you spend on the accounting process.

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