Specialty Areas

Specialty Area

Professionals who specialize in serving your industry can bring you the greatest benefits from the accounting process. Each business type requires a different body of expertise regarding financial transactions, business practices, and tax, legal, and regulatory issues. Our accountants specialize in serving five business areas:


Tracking and managing your inventory, addressing complicated sales tax laws, and maintaining a strong relationship with banks are a few of the most important challenges online businesses face. With e-commerce clients whose sales total nearly half a billion dollars annually, we know all the ins and outs of running an online business.We understand inventory tracking systems and sales tax nexus issues, and we can work with you—and your financial institutions—to ensure maximum profitability and prevent unexpected tax problems.


Staying up to the minute on the constantly changing landscape of state, local, and federal laws and regulations is critical to serving the healthcare industry. The licensed healthcare agencies we serve in the tri-state area generate $100 million in combined annual revenue and rely on our expertise when preparing DOH cost reports, working with outside reporting consultants, and maintaining strong relationships with banks and financial institutions.

Real Estate

Understanding complicated state, local, and federal tax laws and maintaining strong relationships with financial institutions are vital elements of serving the real estate industry. Our real estate clients in the tri-state area rely on us to stay up to the minute on applicable laws and regulations, and to get the most out of available tax credits.We also make it a priority to keep the financial institutions they work with happy by meeting their requirements in a timely and meticulous manner.

Food and Manufacturing

Our clients in the food processing and manufacturing industries generate combined annual revenues of nearly $60 million and rely on us for the financial insight they need to manage their assets, allocate costs, and take advantage of tax laws to create a cash flow advantage.Our detailed knowledge of relevant tax law helps them maximize depreciation benefits and tax credits, and our in-depth reporting allows them to identify the optimal opportunities for obtaining financing.

Empire Zone Businesses

Certified New York Empire Zone businesses are eligible to receive a wide range of tax credits, and our extensive knowledge of Empire Zone tax law allows us to obtain the full benefit of their status for our Empire Zone clients.We maintain a strong relationship with Empire Zone auditors to ensure that our clients receive the maximum credits available.The benefits speak for themselves: One company received $3 million in refunds from the State of New York over two years as our client.

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